Class Schedule

Monday Library 12:55-1:30
Tuesday Art 11:30-12:00
Wednesday PE 11:30-12:00 & Music 1:10-1:40
Thursday T.A.L.K. 9:30-10:00 & Art 11:00-11:30

Teacher Biography

Hi! My name is Ms. Cannons and I'm going to be your first grade teacher. This is my twelfth year of teaching. I have also taught kindergarten, third grade, and Title 1 reading. I love all the exploring and learning that go on in first grade! I also love reading and we will do LOTS of reading this year! I can't wait to help your child become a better reader and take them on many reading adventures!
I have two boys, one is 20 years old and one is 10 years old. I also have two dogs, also boys! Nash is a teacup Yorkshire and Lucky is a mini Shih Tzu. They both love to snuggle.
I can't wait to spend this school year learning and growing with you and your child!

Classroom Notes

Reading should be an adventure, not a chore! I will be posting ideas, suggestions, popular series, and whatever else I can to help you help your child find books they enjoy. Remember also, your child is never too old to be read to. I read to my son even when he was in twelfth grade. This is great quality time and when we discussed the readings I got some insight to his way of thinking. Let me tell you moms, boys in general don’t think like girls! Don’t worry if they’re reading easy books- they’re reading! It doesn’t have to be books either. The newspaper is written on a 3rd reading level. Magazines are great also. They usually have short articles and vivid pictures.

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