Class Schedule

1st Hour - Pre-Calculus
2nd Hour - Geometry
3rd Hour - Algebra 1
4th Hour - Algebra 1
5th Hour - Geometry
6th Hour - Algebra 2
8th Hour - Geometry

Teacher Biography

My name is Mrs Collier. I have been teaching at EJ for 26 years. I am certified to teach mathematics and computer science.

I earned a BS, MA, and a teaching degree from Michigan State University. I spent a year teaching at an inner-city school in North Carolina and have been at EJ ever since.

I have been married for 28 years and have a daughter (25) and a son (22) and a granddaughter (1). I enjoy reading and gardening during the summer time.

My biggest piece of advice for students is: "If you need help, ASK!"

Classroom Notes

I am available after school. Many days I don’t leave until 3:30 or later. Every Monday I post on my front board my after school schedule for the week. I am also available on Remind when students are home. I have Zoom help sessions in the evenings which I post via Remind.

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