Class Schedule

1st Hour 7:40 am - 8:33 am Independent Learning Hour
2nd Hour 8:37 am - 9:30 am Language Arts
3rd Hour 9:34 am - 10:27 pm Video Communications (High School Class)
4th Hour 10:31 am - 11:24 pm Plan Hour
5th Hour 11:28 am - 12:21 pm Independent Learning Hour
6th Hour 12:55 pm - 1:47 pm Language Arts
7th Hour 1:51 pm - 2:43 pm Language Arts

Teacher Biography

This is my thirty-fourth with East Jackson. I received my teaching degree from Eastern Michigan University and have a Masters in Reading, as well as a Masters in the Art of Teaching. I am married to Matt and have three sons, Alex, Andy, and Caleb. I bring many of my experiences as a community member, wife, parent, and teacher to my classroom and enrich my lessons with real life connections and examples.

Classroom Notes

As a teacher it is my mission to provide a safe, comfortable learning environment where students are empowered and inspired to become life-long learners. We will concentrate on the power behind meta-cognitive reading and writing, developing critical thinking strategies that will help them to build success in school and in all areas of inquiry. As a teacher, I emphasize 3 GOALS for my students:
1. to Go Out And Learn Successfully with skills that apply to all content
2. to Go Out And Live Successful lives as members of adult society
3. to Go Out And Leave a Successful impact on the world

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