Class Schedule

1st Hour 7:40 am - 8:29 am Plan
2nd Hour 8:33 am - 9:22 am U.S. History
3rd Hour 9:26 am - 10:15 am Social Studies
4th Hour 10:19 am - 11:08 am U.S. History
5th Hour 11:12 am - 12:00 pm Social Studies
6th Hour 12:34 pm - 1:22 pm Social Studies
7th Hour 1:26 am - 2:14 am World History

Teacher Biography

I have been a part of the East Jackson community my entire life. My parents still live in the same house they brought me home to as an infant. I was an EJ Trojan from day one! Both my brother and I graduated from East Jackson. I started coaching for EJ shortly after graduating high school while I was attending college. I graduated from Central Michigan University with both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

I love to travel. I currently have traveled to over twenty countries outside of the United States. Many of those countries I was able to experience thanks to a national student travel program. For five years I was a leader for the program and I am thankful for every thing I was able to see and experience. I enjoy that I am currently teaching about most of the countries that I have been to. Hopefully, I instill in my students the desire to someday travel.

I believe my students are citizens of not only our country but of the world. As a Social Studies teacher, I want my students to learn and experience as much as they can of the world in which they live. To this end, I will educate my students about the different aspects of the regions of the Eastern Hemisphere with the hope that someday they will experience this for themselves.

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