About Our School

East Jackson Elementary School

East Jackson Elementary is a newly-renovated suburban school located near Jackson, Michigan in the East Jackson Community School District. East Jackson Elementary is situated on a beautiful site that includes a large playground area (complete with a Gaga ball pit), football field, baseball/softball fields, a track, and a walking path.

Approximately four hundred students are in kindergarten through sixth grades receiving a strong education in basic skills. 28% of our students attend as participants of the Schools of Choice Program from other local school districts. All students have access to technology through our 1:1 initiative. Students in grades K-2 are issued an iPad and students in grades 3-6 are issued a chromebook. In addition to the regular education program, EJE provides special education support through our four resource rooms, and a cognitively impaired classroom. Special education services are available to those who qualify. Our Title I Program also provides some remedial support services. STEAM, music and physical education instruction are provided each week. 6th grade students have physical education daily.

East Jackson Elementary is known for being a school with dedicated and caring staff members committed to excellence by continuously learning about the latest teaching methodologies. Most have earned their Master’s Degree and many have taken further classes in a variety of areas.

In addition to the teaching staff, EJE has a principal and assistant principal, two secretaries, paraprofessionals (providing general education, Title I, or special education support), instructional assistants, social workers, along with custodial and food service staff.

Our community is very supportive, and as a result, we all greatly benefit. Parents are encouraged to participate in our EJ Elementary Parent, Teacher, Community Organization (PTCO). Frequently, volunteers can be found assisting students and teachers within their classrooms. There are many opportunities to become actively involved at East Jackson Elementary.

Our Elementary Office Staff

Becky Hager

Amy Blackledge
Assistant Principal

Melissa Mireles

Nicole Reason

Jamie Langley
Jamie Langley
Social Worker

Kristine Worth, Social Worker at East Jackson
Kristine Worth
Social Worker

Jennifer Valente
Jennifer Valente
DHHS Success Coach
517-780-7648 *direct line - use when school is not in session*