Class Schedule

Monday Burris, Puhr, Kenyon, Soper, Aldridge, Goostrey, Johnson, MacGuinness, Cannons, Vogt
Tuesday Mast, IRR, Jones, Kenyon, Cannons, Burris, Flack, Aldridge, Schultz
Wednesday Goostrey, IRR, MacGuinness, Arnold, Puhr, Day, Mast, Cannons, Schultz
Thursday Flack, Day, Jones, Soper, Maples, Fleming, Arnold, Johnson, Aldridge, Schultz
Friday Flack, Johnson, Arnold, Maples, Puhr, Fleming, Soper, MacGuinness, Vogt

Teacher Biography

Mrs. Rebandt has a bachelors and masters degree from Eastern Michigan University. She is passionate about technology in the classroom, coding, the makerspace movement, and student engagement.
Mrs. Rebandt loves to get messy, explore new things, and learn from her mistakes!
She is married to her husband Paul, and they have a one year old son, Theodore. They live in Concord, and love to explore the outdoors, go on vacation, and play board games with family!

Classroom Notes

Welcome to STEAM with Mrs. Rebandt!

In Room 101, we take chances, make mistakes, and get messy. We love to learn outside of our comfort zones, have great conversation, and make each other think. We read a lot, we write a lot, and we love to learn. We will get outside as much as we can, we will try new tools, and use our chromebooks to help us, not to babysit us.

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