Class Schedule

Monday Art 10:30-11:00
Tuesday Music 10:30-11:00
Wednesday Physical Education 10:30-11:00
Thursday Art 10:30-11:00
Friday Library 2:20-2:50

Teacher Biography

Welcome to another exciting year at East Jackson Elementary. This will be my 19th year teaching at East Jackson. During those years, I've taught within all content areas and have witnessed countless changes in my teaching career. The most exciting change has come in the form of my mathematics instruction. I've recently been to the Math Academy which has completely changed my philosophy on how math instruction should look, sound and feel. This training has given me confidence to Meet the needs of students at all levels.

I've been blessed with an amazing family, including four children ranging from 10 years old, all the way to a freshman in college. Together, my wife and I provide many experiences and life lessons through an incredible amount of time spent together.

Though challenging, I am able to balance my career and home life to best serve my family and students and feel energized and excited to be at East Jackson Elementary again this year.

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