Class Schedule

1st hour - Functional History
2nd hour - Life Skills
3rd hour - Language Arts Intervention
4th hour - Independent Learning Hour
5th hour - Functional English
6th hour - Functional Math
7th hour - Health

Teacher Biography

“When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.” -Wonder

Hi there! My name is Kristie Maynard. This is my fourth year teaching at East Jackson Secondary School and I am so excited to be back for another awesome year! I am a 2011 East Jackson graduate and I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in special education and a minor in English. I also earned my teaching certification through the State of Michigan and have both Cognitive Impairment and English endorsements.

A little information about me... I'm married, and we have three fur-babies, two black Labrador Retrievers, Lupin and Ollie, and a black cat, Luna. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, spending time with my friends and family, and travelling.

I truly enjoy teaching and working with children. I look forward to building positive relationships with each one of my students this school year.

My mission is to help students develop their intellectual, emotional, physical, and social skills to be able to demonstrate a sense of understanding and compassion for others. I believe that all students want and need to learn, and it is my job to create a safe and nurturing environment that focuses on student's strengths.

Go Trojans! 🙂

Classroom Notes

Parents and students – Please feel free to contact me at any time via email at I will do my best to respond within 24 hours or the next school day. You can also utilize my planning period (period 8) and times before or after school for any questions/concerns/comments you may have!

If you are looking for resources or websites we use in our classroom, please copy & paste the following link into your search bar:


**Spelling lists are sent home weekly, on the first day of every week. Students take a Pre-test before writing their lists to take home. Spelling Post-tests are always held on the last day of the week. If absent, students are expected to take the Post-test on the day of their return.**

**Every student will be responsible for reading a book of their choice 3 times per week, for 20 minutes, every week. If this is not done in class due to lack of time or they do not use their time wisely, they are responsible to read and log their 20 minutes at home. After reading for 20 minutes, they should write at least 3 sentences about what they remember and at least one question (wondering – could be the meaning of a word, a wondering about a character, event in the book, etc.).**
*If they do not have their DEAR book, they may read a book, magazine, etc. from home.*

Students will not be sent home with much homework. They will be given ample time in class to complete their assignments, along with support by classroom staff.


Functional History: In this class we will be focusing on causes and impacts of World War I to start out. We will then move into how this impacted people (civilians (men & women), soldiers) and how war impacts people today. We will also start talking about equal rights for women and how things have changed in our society today.

Life Skills: This class focuses on independent life skills that students will need to become independent, productive members of our society. In this class we work on money math, time management, cooking, cleaning, work exploration, resume building, job applications, and so much more!

Language Arts Intervention: In this new class, we will be focusing on writing and reading interventions and supports for students. Students will meet in small groups for reading group time, which focuses on sight words, fluency, and comprehension. They will be given some time to read their DEAR books independently, and then work on their writing skills as well, including sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation.

Independent Learning Hour: In ILH, we want students to be able to have choice in their learning. Although we will use this time to catch up on our assignments, reinforce skills needed for other classes, and working on our fine motor skills, we really want to allow students choice in their learning as well. This year, students will be learning about other countries and cities outside of the United States that are of interest to them. This will include cooking, language, architecture, and so much more!

Functional English: In this class we will dive into the fundamentals of English: spelling, reading, literature, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and mechanics.

Functional Math: In math, we will be working hard to attack our goals. We will work diligently to strengthen our problem solving skills. We focus on math basics: addition, subtraction, time and money math, coupon math, word problems, fractions, multiplication, division, and so much more!

Health: This is a co-taught class with Mr. Hudson this year during semester 1. Semester 2 will be P.E.

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